Message From Managing Director


My name is Mr. Nobuhiko Ohara, Managing Director of Showa Denko HD Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Since I left Japan, and started my new assignment in this beautiful country of Malaysia in December 2014,
I have experienced many occasions, such as Hari Raya, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year and etc.
Living in a wonderful multi-racial society where different religions and cultures integrate in harmony, I discovered many new things every day.
Thanks to my fellow Malaysians, who I find are very easy to work and communicate with, I spend my daily life happily in Malaysia and Showa Denko HD Malaysia.

Showa Denko HD Malaysia(SHDM) manufactures donut-shaped aluminum disk, which is used in the making of hard-disk drive.
The disk is first coated with layer of Ni-P (Nickel-Phosphorus) film and it is then cleaned and polished to enable it to record
and store data in good condition before SHDM ships it to customers.
Magnetic layer is applied to enable hard-disk drive to store and record data, known as hard-disk media.
Hard-disk drive installed the media is widely used in personal computer, data center for cloud computing and other sectors in our daily life today.
SHDM's specialty is the capability to process disk surface precisely.
This specialty is the signature of Showa Denko, developed by applying various cutting-edge technologies developed throughout the years.

SHDM employ employees from various nationalities and ethnicities and each and every employee possesses their unique capabilities.
I see huge potential in this rich diversity.
I personally believe that, if every employee can improve, upgrade and maximize their capability, and everybody progresses towards the same direction,
I am of the opinion that we can keep ourselves one step ahead in this rapidly progressing world, and thus accomplished huge developments and improvements in Malaysia.
I believe that this diversity in various capabilities are our precious assets.
From now on, I am going to manage this company in a way so that this possibility can be realized.

All over the world, we can see more people wanting to preserve their precious memories,
as a result, I strongly believe that demand for cloud storage will increase from time to time.
We should perform our daily works with pride in this fast moving advanced world, praying that today would be better than yesterday
and every new day will lead to new discoveries, and also keeping in mind that we contribute to enable people to keep their precious memories
and we are proud to play a significant role in the ever growing cloud computing system supporting our society.

We are grateful for your continuous support towards SHDM, now and also in the future.
I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks and best wishes for your health and prosperity.
Thank you


Company Profile

Company Name : SHOWA DENKO HD (M) Sdn.Bhd.

Managing Director : Mr. Ohara Nobuhiko

Landscape : 66,000 m2

Products : Aluminum Substrates for Hard Disk

Founded : October 1997

Start Production : February 1999

Employees : 399 people (May/2013)

Location : Lot 1944 , Industrial Zone , Phase II , Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim , Kedah , Malaysia. Tel : 604 – 403 1711 Fax : 604 – 403 1722




1984 : Started R & D (Japan)

1989 : Launched Commercial production (Japan)

1997 : Established a New plant in Malaysia

1999 : Malaysia factory started production

2001 : ISO 9002 certified

2002 : ISO 14001 certified

2003 : Showa Denko HD Group integrated ISO 9001:2000 certified

2006 : Capacity Improvement (P-sub , G-sub)

2008 : Qualified and started PMR production

2010 : BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified

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Launch Day of Factory Started Production


Business Plan



While rapid economic growth in emerging countries is bringing about the rise in living standards, there is increasing need for concerted efforts to control impacts on the global environment. This social trend is producing new market needs. Specifically, demand is growing for compact electronic devices with higher quality, speed, and capacity, which will lead to more convenience and comfort. Furthermore, new technologies are needed to realize healthy and safe lifestyles through various environmental protection measures, including those against global warming. And the security of energy supply should be achieved through reductions in dependence on fossil fuels and conservation of energy. To meet these global market requirements, we have decided to focus on the two business domains of "Energy/Environment" and "Electronics." (See Figure 1.) We will provide components, materials and solutions in these areas based on our proprietary advanced technologies, thereby contributing to the creation of society in which affluence and sustainability are harmonized.





Company number one supplier the Substrate Hard Disk.



The SHDM will make satisfactory of customer as:

~ World class quality products that fulfill customer requirements though

  continuous quality improvements activities.

~ Comprehensive product support in the from of advice and information.
~ Prompt responses to customer queries though good communication.





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Let’s make STRONG SHDM ! 

with all of our powers !!

Thank you !